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KDE "Krusader is a massively powerful and feature-packed twin panel file manager. If you dislike bloat and prefer minimalist windows managers like XFCE or Fluxbox, the good news is that Krusader will run without KDE, provided you have the necessary libraries installed. If Dolphin isn't cutting the mustard Krusader might just be what you've been looking for." Here is the download page for Krusader, give it a spin and share your comments.
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Kudos, and some suggestions
by darkstego on Wed 22nd Oct 2008 05:42 UTC
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I have been using Krusader for over 4 years and it is the only app I can use to manage my files. That being said, I do have some gripes with the application, I hope this can be taken as some constructive criticism.

When I copy move files around, the copy dialog sometimes steals focus away from krusader. It doesn't happen all the time, but it does get annoying sometimes.

It would also be nice if we could see those files that are no longer going to be there (being moved or deleted) in a certain highlight until the operation completes, like faded text for example. Makes keeping track of files easier.

Still, this is my favorite file manager and I am glad its getting some recognition. Great job done by the Krusader team.

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