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OSNews, Generic OSes Genode is a new OS architecture that is able to align high security, robustness, and deterministic system behaviour with dynamic application workload. The project has now released its first ready-to-boot Live CD that demonstrates the key ideas of the architecture in an interactive fashion using a custom GUI and a number of example applications. It runs on Qemu, VirtualBox, and a range of native PC hardware.
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Not working on VMWARE 6.5
by Nehemoth on Wed 22nd Oct 2008 15:46 UTC
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on vMWARE is not working.

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RE: Not working on VMWARE 6.5
by Morph on Wed 22nd Oct 2008 20:26 in reply to "Not working on VMWARE 6.5"
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Doesn't work on Virtual PC either - "Could not set vesa mode 1024x768@16". Also it seems to assume a reasonable amount of memory - it wouldn't boot with 32MB.

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Bobthearch Member since:

It's not claimed to work on VirtualPC or VMWare:

...has been tested on Qemu and VirtualBox.

Have you tried the bootable CD? Worked great for me, and without being dependent on an emulator/simulator.

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krishna Member since:

Hi, it would be nice to know, why it cannot set the VESA mode. Don't Vmware and VirtualPC support 16 bit graphics modes (at all/in your setup)? Unfortunately, we do not have access to these products.

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