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Apple Apple has presented its financial earnings for the 4th quarter of the 2008 fiscal year yesterday. Despite an across-the-board slump in growth, spectacular iPhone sales more than made up for the lost growth, beating the ten million iPhones claim. You can read all about it at Ars. What's more interesting were a number of remarks from Jobs regarding netbooks and cheap computers.
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RE: As usual...
by galvanash on Thu 23rd Oct 2008 04:23 UTC in reply to "As usual..."
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Messr Jobs is out of touch with the real world, and this is why Apple products are niche.

I know a lot of people who voice such sentiments, but it just isn't logical. Apple is niche not because they have failed or are somehow out of touch with reality... They are niche exactly for the reasons Jobs states - its part of their DNA, i.e. it is what makes them Apple. They are particularly good at designing and selling high margin products that people want - not everyone, but enough people that the volumes are high enough to sustain their business (and then some).

Competing on price and going after volume is simply not interesting to them, so they don't. It's a lovely position to be in, i.e. not having market pressure force your pricing. Most companies would kill to be in that position.

There was an article here recently stating the entire Linux ecosystem was valued at $25 billion dollars. Whether that is correct or not, I find it an interesting coincidence that Apple has exactly that much money right now... Cash - and no debt. Can you honestly say being niche isn't working for them?

ps. I don't own ANY apple products, not even an iPod. I'm a PC user. I've played with OSX on other peoples machines and I actually like it. I'd love a cheap Mac - but I don't hate Apple for not giving me one. I'm a rational guy. Frankly if I were Apple I wouldn't give a rats *ss what people like me wanted - it isn't in their financial interest to do so.

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RE[2]: As usual...
by melkor on Fri 24th Oct 2008 03:08 in reply to "RE: As usual..."
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If it smells like shit, looks like shit, it usually is shit, as the old saying goes.

I maintain that Jobs is out of touch with the real world. He expects people to pay price premiums of relatively substantial amounts for hardware that is no better than standard PC hardware. And he has done so for quite some time. People are paying for this priviledge. Sure, Macs look good, but that doesn't mean that they are good.

Let's consider the most recent MacBooks - no FireWire. What sort of retard can make a decision like that? Even cheap PC based notebooks have FireWire ports. My Toshiba A200 cost nearly 35% less than one of the new MacBooks [in Australia] and betters it on nearly every aspect from a hardware point of view. That's $700 ffs!!! OS X is good, but it isn't worth that much, and it isn't certainly $700 better than Vista.

As to others - people are going to OS X/Apple because they're lemmings. Nothing more and nothing less. iPods are no better than any of the MP3 players from alternative manufacturers, in many areas they're worse. They've become a cult (yes, a cult) and that's a rather disturbing social trend. iPods are now so popular, and so de rigeur, that retailers will ONLY stock iPods, because they're a "sure seller". In fact, I'd say that Apple is now a sure fire monopolist in the world of portable music players, and should be investigated as such.


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