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Hardware, Embedded Systems Netbooks use various types of processors, but most of them are built around Intel's Atom processor and architecture. There are more exotic options, such as the Chinese Longsoon processor, but those are quite rare and hard to come by - and certainly not as powerful. Apparently, another contender is preparing to enter the netbook processor market. Say hello to ARM.
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They already are, sort of...
by Sophotect on Thu 23rd Oct 2008 14:33 UTC
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hobgoblin Member since:

my thoughts exactly. im looking forward to reading the reports when people get theirs from the first batch.

but the videos so far have been impressive ;)

and lets not forget about beagleboard:

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Ah yes. The ORIGINAL Netbook... Maybe with the forthcoming promised opensourcing of Symbian, the whole thing could be recreated on more "modern" hardware.

Actually, I'm surprised that it took this long for the Psion Netbook to get a mention, what with it being the origin of both the name and the form-factor...

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Yeah, just too bad they only made 3000 of them (all sold out now), and the next batch won't be available until march 2009.

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