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BeOS & Derivatives It seems like only yesterday when due to a combination of hubris, bad business decisions, and pressure from Apple and Microsoft, Be, Inc. went under, with its assets - including the BeOS - bought up by Palm, who now store it in a filing cabinet somewhere in the attic of the company's Sunnyvale headquarters. Right after Be went under, the OpenBeOS project was started; an effort to recreate the BeOS as open source under the MIT license. This turned out to be a difficult task, and many doubted the project would ever get anywhere. We're seven years down the road now, and the persistence is paying off: the first Haiku alpha is nearer than ever.
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RE: Apps needed
by StephenBeDoper on Fri 24th Oct 2008 19:29 UTC in reply to "Apps needed"
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All I need to switch from Linux is:

* Sane bittorrent client like Transmission

There is a version for BeOS:

* IM like Pidgin

There's the im_kit, but sadly the development appears to be stalled (at least, the last SVN I tried won't connect to most protocols).

Which is a shame, because the im_kit was (IMHO) incredibly cool. It was basically just a background im_server, an im_client, and a prefs app - and it used the BeOS "people" files to store the IM contact info. So the "buddy list" was just a query window looking for "People files where IM Status is not 'offline'".

* IRC like XChat

Vision is quite nice:

* Music player like Rhythmbox

There's SoundPlay, although it's a player-only (no library functionality) - but still the best "Winamp 2-style" player I've used. There's also Jukebox, which is more of a library/iTunes-style app:

* Movie player like mplayer

mplayer was ported at one point, although I don't think it's been kept up-to-date. There is a fairly up-to-date port of VLC, however. And I believe the Haiku devs have made some progress on getting the native BeOS MediaPlayer to handle modern video codecs.

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