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Legal The mounting irregularities of closed-source proprietary e-voting systems clearly show the need for a new approach to securing elections in the U.S. -- one centered on the use of open source technologies, writes Paul Venezia. 'It's time for us to make good on the promise of open elections and open our e-voting systems as well,' Venezia writes, outlining the technical blueprint for a cheap, secure, open source e-voting system. The call for open voting systems has grown louder as of late, with several projects, such as Pvote and the Open Voting Consortium, demonstrating how the voting booth could benefit from open source code. Such systems are already securing elections in Australia and Brazil.
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The problem is, in voting, you want voter anonymity, but still want to sum result correctly without duplicates. In bank transactions, it doesn't matter (in fact, bank wants the transaction to be recorded). That's why it's so complex to devise a good voting system.

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Is it really that hard? Authenticate the user, record their vote without any relation to date, time or individual.

Record elsewhere that the individual has voted with no relation to date, time or vote.

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What you want is a hybrid system..
One that presents you with a screen, you cast your vote on the screen, the computer keeps a tally (quick count) and prints you a paper vote and a receipt both containing cryptographic hashes but no other identifying information...
You place the paper vote in a ballot box and keep the receipt.
Votes can be counted manually to verify the electronic count is correct, and you can verify your receipt against a database of votes to ensure your vote was counted correctly, making any problems easier to detect and prove... And if there are significant discrepancies the election should be declared void and redone.

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