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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu With the release of Ubuntu 8.10 only a few days away, Phoronix decided to take a look at the performance figures over the past releases - from Ubuntu 7.04 to Ubuntu 8.10. Phoronix used its own extensive test suite on fresh installations, with the same parameters, on the identical hardware. The results are rather surprising. Update: I've added some more information about this, gathered from the Ubuntu mailing list. You can find it in the 'read more'.
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I agree this study is totally wrong!
by Kasi on Tue 28th Oct 2008 12:18 UTC
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These people obviously did a poor job of benchmarking Ubuntu.

Hello! Ubuntu is open source.

There are hundreds of billions of people working getting every single ounce of performance and security out of every line of code.

Its just not possible for any linux distro to get slower like that. Only windows does that kind of hanky-panky.

If someone was able to coordinate just 15% of all the hundreds of trillions of programmers out there cross checking everything into farting at the same time - it would obliterate not only the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn but would smack Charon and Xena right out of the solar system (thus giving pluto its planet status back).

When I'm picking a server to place in my closet out of old hand-me-down parts to hold all my home videos of me brushing my teeth or cleaning the fridge you can be I'm going to choose a linux based OS.

They are faster, securer, and more feature complete than anything out there. I wouldn't trust my home videos to Homeland Security, NASA, the NSA, the NRA, the IRS, but a group of people who could blow away Jupiter with just percent of them trying. Dude. Nothing can beat that kind of robustness.

So finally and in conclusion, this article is wrong. Linux based operating systems can only get better. They need to fix the benchmarks to show this just like nVidia does.

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B12 Simon Member since:

Given that some of the Ubuntu devs have acknowledged there may be some truth in this, your response sounds like head-in-the-sand fanboyism.

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righard Member since:

I think he was being sarcastic.

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"Its just not possible for any linux distro to get slower like that. Only windows does that kind of hanky-panky."

Whatever. Nice rose coloured glasses by the way.

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Lobotomik Member since:

> Whatever. Nice rose coloured glasses by the way.

What rose coloured glasses? I don't see any... Oh, is that -- sarcasm?

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giraffe Member since:

It was satire.

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Tuishimi Member since:

LOL! (sorry, useless comment, but it was a nice read early in the morning).

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google_ninja Member since:

This almost makes me sad that LH just closed up shop. He would have gone to town with this

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ebasconp Member since:

Why was this comment modded down?

He has been respectful with his comments and in a sarcastic way describes some of the zealotry we see everyday in the FOSS world.

Maybe the community should be more open to this kind of comments because they hide a lot of reality about how the FOSS world moves.

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