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Windows The new OS includes major new user interface updates, and promises to work much better with third-party hardware and software. Can the latest version of the OS wash away the sour taste of Vista? Here's a detailed report and a slideshow of Windows 7 screenshots.
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RE[4]: ennervation
by leos on Tue 28th Oct 2008 23:46 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: ennervation"
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From what the ever lovely Julie is telling us in the keynote, an app doesn't need to know anything about touch or Windows 7 in order to work with touch.

Working with touch is simple. Hook up a touchscreen to a computer and it will just work. Touches are mouse clicks, drags are mouse drags. No problem.

A touch-enabled comptuer will automatically make make menu items have more whitespace (25%) so they're easier to touch.

If that's true that would be pretty amazing. With the varied mix of toolkits on windows and dozens of different ways of doing things, it would be pretty crazy if Windows could actually consistently increase hit areas on menus and such without breaking stuff. Hard to believe, but I'll wait until I see it.

Julie also told that applications can also be tuned towards touch, to support more advanced touch gestures. It was pretty damn cool, actually.

And yeah, I like Julie. Sue me.

There's something very attractive about touch interfaces. I'm doing some work on them as well and it has its uses, but touchscreens aren't going to replace keyboards or mice for desktops/laptops anytime soon. It's just an additional mode of interaction, not a replacement.

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