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Windows Windows 7 is out and about. Microsoft has been unusually secretive about Vista's successor, but now that PDC is under way, they have unveiled the various enhancements to the user interface. Windows 7 might not have any significant under-the-hood changes (in fact, all your applications and devices will still work), but on the outside, Windows 7 represents the biggest change for the Windows user interface ever since Windows 95 came out.
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RE[5]: Great artists steal
by niemau on Wed 29th Oct 2008 19:14 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Great artists steal"
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Similar, yes, although I started out with this setup back in the LightStep/DarkStep days on Windows 98, before I got into Unix. However, I (personally) can't stand GNOME or even GTK apps. There's just something ... not ... quite ... right about GTK apps. I prefer QT apps, and KDE in particular.

As an aside, I really, really, really dislike how the new KDE4 panel works, as you can't set the size of the system tray applet, and it takes up all the space on the panel when you remove the taskbar applet.

indeed, GTK apps (and GNOME, by extension) have a very... errr... 'special' look and feel. but, that being said, i am not horribly fond of QT, either. the only QT apps i use regularly are amarok and qjackctl.

but, WOW, i couldn't agree more about the kde panel thing. it's one of the several reasons i can't feel at home in a kde4 environment. it's really a shame the way plasmoids are handled in the panel. i just don't feel in control of my workspace. oh, well.

when i'm doing any serious work, i usually operate from fluxbox and try to avoid the whole desktop environment mess.

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