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Mono Project Build applications for Linux while maintaining cross-platform capabilities using .NET languages.
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Mono is good
by JCooper on Mon 19th Sep 2005 18:56 UTC
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Not so much for the porting ability (winforms will never be truly portable), but more for the RAD capabilities on linux. Look at all the cool apps that have sprung up as a direct result of mono. Apps that are simple, effective and well thought out.

I'm glad mono is around, and I can't believe this discussion has yet again been turned into an anti-mono flame fest, including repeated quotes of Seth etc. So what. If you dont like it, don't use it, stay away from it and shut the hell up.

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RE: Mono is good
by Jamie on Mon 19th Sep 2005 22:13 in reply to "Mono is good"
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You are dead right - it can only benefit linux to have better RAD tools (irrespective of whether you are completley paranoid about non-existant legal issues).

It also harms MS for Linux to have these tools but more importantly Linux has always been about choice so yeah its cool to have so many languages to choose from.

Whilst I have a problem with the mono bloat being in Gnome core, I really do hope people will wake up and see that mono can only be good for Linux in general.

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RE: Mono is good
by evangs on Tue 20th Sep 2005 08:03 in reply to "Mono is good"
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Tell me this, what RAD ability is there for Mono? Is there a form builder a la VB? Is there a usable debugger? Good refactoring tools?

I've heard this argument of RAD before, but I have found no tools to backup such a claim.

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RE[2]: Mono is good
by on Tue 20th Sep 2005 08:40 in reply to "RE: Mono is good"
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Monodevelop is under construction, they want to create ASP.NET and GTK# form designer. Until you can create your app under Visual Studio and port the code to linux via mono.

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