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..still has the rubbish boot screen
by horsnell on Thu 30th Oct 2008 16:22 UTC
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Why is Ubuntu's boot splash still as boring as Windows XP? and why when I hit escape do I get a horrid dos like screen.

Fedora and Suse both have much nicer terminal fonts and layouts during boot.

Also even Grub on Ubuntu is dissapointing.

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_txf_ Member since:

Ubuntu artwork in general is usually fairly horrid. I think that they believe in having an ugly identity as opposed to no identity at all.

then again the boot splash in fedora was more hit and miss and often didn't work.

The best of the bunch is really suse. It really is nice and most of all it is consistent all the way to the gui.

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Soulbender Member since:

You know, not every place on earth share the western preferences for color schemes (thank GOD). I think it's pretty nice that not very distro base their schemes on dull blue.

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parentaladvisory Member since:

Well, that "horrid dos like screen" is what keeps one sane when booting an ubuntu-system, those few times that happens...(kernle/dist-upgrade).

Come on! Whats with beutiful colors and moving bars when booting the system? Isn't it much much better to be able to watch what happens? It's one big thing I miss in front of a windows-system(possibly OSX to but not that much exp. with that one ;) ) To know what is going on...

(yeah, im serious, some might not hink I am...)

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horsnell Member since:

Have you checked out Fedora's terminal screen recently, yes you can see all the modules and services being loaded/started, but it looks nice too.

Don't get me wrong I like Ubuntu a lot, but that doesn't mean we can't wish for a better boot splash and boot terminal screen.

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r_a_trip Member since:

Why is Ubuntu's boot splash still as boring as Windows XP?

Maybe the bootsplash wasn't a priority this time? Anyway, you only see it at boot. I hope you spend most of the time on the desktop and not in the boot process.

and why when I hit escape do I get a horrid dos like screen.

That is per design. If something goes wrong,you can hit [ESC] and see the dmesg screen, which does tell a lot to people familiar with it. That "horrid DOS like screen" tells you what the system is doing in the boot process; where it succeeds and where it fails. It is a great help with troubleshooting. If you aren't in to console screens, just don't hit [ESC].

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