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Apple With the success of the iPod, the subsequent resurgence in popularity of the Macintosh platform, and the recent iPhone smash hit, it's hard to imagine that Apple was once a company that tried to enter every market possible, leaving a trail of flopped products in its wake. Forbes lists ten of them, and we take a look at some of them, and add one of our own.
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Apple II GS
by pantheraleo on Fri 31st Oct 2008 00:32 UTC
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Oh, one more I forgot about.

The Apple IIGS (Apple II Graphics and Sound). It had the benefit of being Apple II compatible (which the Apple III did not without software emulators being loaded first). But the Macintosh (which was not Apple II compatible) had already passed it by. So ultimately the Apple IIGS ended up being a huge failure. Virtually no software was ever written for it that could take advantage of the "GS" part, and customers were mostly stuck with Apple II software, which basically made the GS pointless.

Ironically, Apple killed the GS with their own competing system. hehe

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RE: Apple II GS
by Accident on Fri 31st Oct 2008 01:32 in reply to "Apple II GS"
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The GS was not a you said Apple killed it. The GS sold very well and had a lot of native software. Believe me I have a Woz ROM 1 and a ROM 3 model. They replaced the //e in a lot of schools in the Los Angeles area until the Mac took over.

I wish they made a 32bit version of the 6502!

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RE: Apple II GS
by JonathanBThompson on Fri 31st Oct 2008 01:38 in reply to "Apple II GS"
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For a rather lengthy period of time (not sure how long off the top of my head) the only way you could get color on an Apple computer was to get an Apple 2 series system: this was intentional, as for some weird reason, it was perceived (IMO) that adding color would have been not as business-like for the Mac. As of the time the Apple 2GS was released, anyway, no Apple-made Macintosh supported color at all, either in hardware or software, for the display.

Sadly, Apple seems to have purposely crippled the Apple 2GS in favor of the Macintosh being pushed: keep in mind that the Apple 2GS was actually more expandable than any Mac up to that time, in both RAM as well as other hardware! It also had far more software available, though not much for too long that actually took proper advantage of the hardware capabilities. ProDOS was renamed to ProDOS 8, to clarify the difference between that and ProDOS 16, which was the predecessor to GS OS, which wasn't released until after I no longer had access to an Apple 2GS system (I was in high school when it was released). A pity, really: GS OS was/is far more powerful than MS-DOS ever was, at least at that time. GS OS: a mixture of inheriting a combination of Mac OS fundamentals along with ProDOS, which was derived (and scaled down from) from Apple 3 Sophisticated Operating System, which also was a major influence on the Mac and Lisa OS.

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RE[2]: Apple II GS
by ari-free on Fri 31st Oct 2008 02:10 in reply to "RE: Apple II GS"
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I remember when color was considered frivolous! Only a game computer needs color!
Maybe it was because in the business world, everything worth doing had to be printed and there was no way you could print in color with a laser, dot matrix or daisy wheel printer.

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RE: Apple II GS
by Adurbe on Fri 31st Oct 2008 09:46 in reply to "Apple II GS"
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My first Computer :-D

I remember it fondly...

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