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Apple With the success of the iPod, the subsequent resurgence in popularity of the Macintosh platform, and the recent iPhone smash hit, it's hard to imagine that Apple was once a company that tried to enter every market possible, leaving a trail of flopped products in its wake. Forbes lists ten of them, and we take a look at some of them, and add one of our own.
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Apple TV?!
by Hakime on Fri 31st Oct 2008 04:10 UTC
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I am not sure if the Apple TV is really a flop given that it basically only makes sense to use it in US because the renting service is only available there. Even if it has sold 250,000 units 6 months after its debut, that's not bad given the difficulty of the market that it tries to address.

And it said from the article that

"But Apple only managed to convince two of the six major movie studios to sign on to offer movies"

This is not the case any more as it offers now movie renting from all majors studios, but again only in US which narrow its potential of success.

I also would not consider the LISA as a flop, maybe commercially (and even it was not sold long enough) but this is from the LISA that the Macintosh came out, all the technologies developed for the LISA were used on the mac. For this regards, the LISA is a crucial product in the computer history and can not be considered as a flop per say.

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RE: Apple TV?!
by ari-free on Fri 31st Oct 2008 05:03 in reply to "Apple TV?!"
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it doesn't make sense in the US either. ;) I don't know what Steve was thinking...well the Mac and iphone are doing very well so you can't complain if Apple takes a few extra risks here and there.

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RE: Apple TV?!
by jason_ff on Fri 31st Oct 2008 05:13 in reply to "Apple TV?!"
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Actually the movie rentals work just fine here in Canada. I think they are also available in some other countries now too (can't remember for sure so don't hold me to it).

I wouldn't really call the AppleTV a flop, but it's also not a runaway hit. They are nice little boxes, but I've never been able to justify a use for one. I think the problem is: anyone who has enough iTunes content (which is what pumps the aTV full of life) probably already has a nice enough display/sound setup with their computer they don't need an AppleTV.

That's how I look at it at least.

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