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Apple With the success of the iPod, the subsequent resurgence in popularity of the Macintosh platform, and the recent iPhone smash hit, it's hard to imagine that Apple was once a company that tried to enter every market possible, leaving a trail of flopped products in its wake. Forbes lists ten of them, and we take a look at some of them, and add one of our own.
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The Apple Cube = painting by Steve McGarrett
by tupp on Fri 31st Oct 2008 07:34 UTC
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From the OS News comment:

...the Cube, which, despite its numerous hardware flaws and high price, is a design masterpiece that really shows just how brilliant Jonathan Ives can be when he's given more or less a carte blanche.

How is the Apple Cube a "design masterpiece?"

Design can incorporate aesthetics, but design must be practical (and usable) -- that is what differentiates design from art. The Cube's enclosure is impractical and expensive from both a manufacturing standpoint and from a user's perspective. It is merely a costly decoration into which computer components have been placed.

The Cube's enclosure does nothing to improve the use of the computer inside. In fact, the usability and versatility of the computer is hindered by the enclosure.

The design's complete lack of consideration for real world use suggests the type of work one usually sees from a first or second year design student.

Luckily, most other manufacturers/designers have not fallen for this "design for dazzle/let's win an award!" philosophy.

The Cube is, as far as I'm concerned, still the most beautiful computer ever made - and many agree with me, as it found its way to the New York City Museum Of Modern Art.

Beauty is subjective. To me, the Cube enclosure seems like a cheap looking, obsolete fad/style.

I wonder if Moma has any Braun products...

By the way, the title was a mistake, and I cannot correct it with the current OS News system.

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