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Windows Windows Vista's most prominent - and most hated and misunderstood - feature was most likely User Account Control, designed specifically to not only make the system more secure, but also to annoy users and developers, forcing them into making applications that do not require administrator privileges. In Windows 7, Microsoft has done a lot to alleviate the annoyances.
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UAC is a symptom, not a solution
by r_a_trip on Fri 31st Oct 2008 11:20 UTC
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UAC in its current form is an annoying band-aid. The problem is located in Windows' userland. MS needs to separate its stuff more.

When I'm in a restricted user account, I shouldn't be seeing files from other users or the system. I should be in my own sandbox. If I try to install software, the system should ask if it needs to be global with a password prompt. If not, just install under \Documents&Settings\User\Program Files\

*Nix got that stuff already sorted long ago. MS really needs to hasten their catch up. It is one of IT's great tragedies that one of the most secure OS kernels is suffering from the most insecure userland.

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