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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris A new update of Solaris 10 has been made available today. There are a lot of ZFS enhancements and the next-gen file system is now supported as an installable root file system. You can download it for x86 and SPARC here. Other than that there are new drivers, security enhacements, etc. Fore more information, check the what's new page.
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RE[4]: ZFS = ?
by lord-storm on Sun 2nd Nov 2008 03:07 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: ZFS = ?"
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Hi the lead developer for the ZFS Crypto project and only I can speak with authority on which releases it will be in. It is not now and never was planned for an update release of Solaris 10. It will be (baring any major disasters) in the OpenSolaris 2009.04 release. Our current integratation target is build 105 of OpenSolaris however given that I recently had to redesign how the encryption support for the ZFS Intent Log (ZIL) works I believe I won't make that (insufficient time to complete test execution) and it is more likley we will integrate a few builds after that (but still in time for 2009.04).

To backport ZFS crypto into a Solaris 10 update would require also backporting a large number of bug fixes and projects that were integrated into the Crypto Framework that haven't been yet been backported to Solaris 10.

Well very informative I personally don't think it is really worth back porting just for a slew of patches and just aim to bring it into the next release which would be about 05/09 or maybe in a year or so. Baptism by fire in the open solaris release just like the ZFS advancements that I have been waiting for awhile.

Most people that chose the GA cycle are about pure stability and well proven features. Just like fedora is the testing ground for RHEL.

ZFS Booting is the killer feature of the New Solaris 10 OS and is a wall breaker for organisations that have wanted it since ZFS came out.

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