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Windows Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference might be over, but that doesn't mean news about Windows 7 suddenly stops coming in. We have news for you on the elusive MinWin kernel, which created a sort of crazy hype a year ago, and Rafael Rivera found a way to enable the new taskbar on the pre-beta build handed out to PDC attendees. This build, carrying number 6801, didn't have the latest taskbar revamp - you needed a newer build for that, build 6933, which hasn't been released to the public.
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The Core of Windows
by REM2000 on Mon 3rd Nov 2008 21:00 UTC
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As it has been said before the core of windows is actually very well written, as is a lot of their components. I have seen in many forums people asking for a newer File system or Microsoft to move Windows to ZFS, and the question is why. NTFS as a lot of Windows systems is very reliable, mature and very modern, it has been evolved over many years.

I think the main problem with vista on Release was the userland the UI. In many ways it was hurried, placing a large botchy stack of code on top of a solid foundation. However a year and a Service Pack we have a windows which should have always been. Vista is now reliable and fast enough for anyone to use. Memory alone has changed from using approx 1GB idle to 600MB idle.

The old adage of Microsoft is still very much true (perhaps it's true of a great many companies). That when left the company releases any old crap (i always though Windows XP fell into this catagory, as it offered nothing really over Windows 2000). However when microsoft has competition they work hard and produce some excellent products, for this i have always held up Windows Server as an example. As windows has always been seen as the runt of the NOS, Microsoft had to work hard to get into the server market and get itself seen as a serious contender. Windows 2008 Server is an excellent product that offers features, speed and reliability galore.

Which now leaves Windows 7, which i have great hopes for. I have always prided myself as software/hardware argonostic, in that i will use whatever fits the purpose. I am a massive fan of Apple Mac's for home and iLife uses such as photography and video. Windows ive always found to be a better client for day to day working such as office documents etc.. Where as although i do like Linux a lot i still mainly use as a server OS.

Roll on 2009/10 the OS scene is getting more interesting every year.

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RE: The Core of Windows
by kragil on Mon 3rd Nov 2008 21:54 in reply to "The Core of Windows"
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600 mb for just the OS. "Not bad."

But Vista is _NOT_ for everybody. You always have to check your application compatibility. It is crazy.

For example: I "upgraded" a architect friend of mine to Vista. She got XP and Vista with her 1GB RAM Core Duo Laptop. So I upgraded the RAM to 2GB and installed Vista SP1.

I just assumed Apps would work... Well most of the stuff she had was not Vista ready. AutoCad 9 and other stuff with Dongle copy protection _WILL NOT_ fly with Vista. No Chance. You have to buy new versions or better solution:

Go back to XP.

Conclusion: Proprietary vendors mostly suck.

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RE[2]: The Core of Windows
by riha on Tue 4th Nov 2008 20:19 in reply to "RE: The Core of Windows"
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Actually, no need to criticize Vista when you in this case did it the wrong way.

As for all upgrades, for all different OS:es or applications, it is up to you to check the compatibility before doing the upgrade.

If something doesn´t work after upgrading and you find out that the app is not compatible, then you didn´t make your homework.

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RE[2]: The Core of Windows
by BluenoseJake on Wed 5th Nov 2008 13:10 in reply to "RE: The Core of Windows"
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Considering how old Autocad 9 is, that's not exactly unexpected. A little research would have saved you a lot of headaches.

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