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Windows A long and detailed preview of Windows 7 appeared on ActiveWin. Many screenshots included. "It's safe to say I am overwhelmed, overjoyed and most of all excited about Windows 7", the author concludes.
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So, it's based on KDE4?
by BigDaddy on Tue 4th Nov 2008 02:09 UTC
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As I looked at the screenshots, and all I kept seeing is KDE.

But, I did like that calculator...

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RE: So, it's based on KDE4?
by jaypee on Tue 4th Nov 2008 13:00 in reply to "So, it's based on KDE4?"
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that. When I saw the "panel" at the bottom of the screen, I thought it looked like KDE with a few Gnome icons thrown in (the volume control icon, for example).

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RE: So, it's based on KDE4?
by rajan r on Wed 5th Nov 2008 13:08 in reply to "So, it's based on KDE4?"
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Doesn't look very similar (unless you're saying KDE was the first to have large icons). There is still a difference between application launch icons and opened windows in KDE 4 (in KDE 4, opened windows have an icon-plus-text button similar to Windows 9x/2k/XP/Vista). And, something that hasn't change for Windows and remains different, the Windows/Start-button icon is distinguished from the other icons on the the taskbar in Windows 7. The Start menu resembles more a cleaner version of Vista's than KDE 4's take on it.

I'm not saying Windows 7's taskbar is the height of creativity and innovativeness, but to say it resembles KDE 4's Plasma is stretching it.

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