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Windows I collect manuals. I have so many of them, that I'm starting to wonder where on earth I'm supposed to put them all. Somewhere in the back of a closet, I keep all my manuals in three huge boxes, with manuals dating from the early '80s to just a few days ago when I bought a new mouse. However, none of them are as dear to my as my extensive, fully illustrated Dutch manuals for Windows 3.0, which accompanied my parents' first PC in 1990. An enormously detailed manual covering every aspect of Windows 3.0 - with special sleeves for the various floppy disks that held the Windows 3.0 operating system. I still have those original floppies, and they're still fully functional. Last week, the era of Windows 3.x finally came to an end when Microsoft ceased to give out licenses for the operating system.
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My first Windows-based OS was Windows 95. I actually liked it, despite all its flaws (which I was oblivious to at the time, having only played with DOS before and nothing else really)... and back then, saw a future where it would continue to improve. Well, that future never happened, as I sit here typing from a non-Windows OS altogether, but I decided to... err, "get" a copy of Windows 3.1.1 just for the hell of it, to find out what I was missing out on (installed in DOSBox). Turns out that I wasn't missing anything.

Okay, yeah, this was from the early 1990s, when GUIs were still starting to gain traction and improve, can't hope for everything. And I didn't, but still, I couldn't help but laugh the whole time at how bad it was. Virtually everything about it. I won't bother to try any earlier versions, 3.x was enough... needless to say, it remained on my drive for a record-short time. I'll take plain DOS any day.

In the end, I'm glad I didn't even bother with Windows until 95.

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