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GNU, GPL, Open Source Theora is a video codec with a small CPU footprint that offers easy portability and requires no patent royalties. While the Theora bitstream format was standardized in 2004 and our beta releases have been used by millions, this 1.0 release is an important milestone reflecting the maturity and stability of the Theora codebase. A number of leading multimedia web groups already support Theora. Upcoming releases of Mozilla Firefox, the world's most popular open source browser, will support Theora natively, as will releases of the multi-platform Opera browser. Top-10 website Wikipedia uses Theora for all of its video.
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RE[2]: I've always wondered...
by lemur2 on Wed 5th Nov 2008 22:57 UTC in reply to "RE: I've always wondered..."
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because it costs money to develop good codecs, not just average or mediocre ones, good ones. there's a reason xiph/theora is free, because it lost. they tried very hard to win and get that money. in the end lost because it was inferior and remains inferior.

That argument doesn't work in the case of FLAC and Vorbis. It doesn't even work for speex. Each of those xiph codecs is superior, but they are not widely used merely because big corporate media interests do not want them to be used, and actively suppress them.

The reason for the supression is pure and simple ... big corporate media interests wish to retain control over what consumers can and cannot do, in order to be able to rip them off.

The "way out" here is to support FLAC & Vorbis (because they are no way inferior) and Dirac. Theora can be kept as well ... why not? It may be able to be improved with development.

Dirac is a different story. It is good enough to be comparable with the likes of H.264.

I'm not therefore sure of the Ogg container format ... can it suport Dirac as well or is it limited only to xiph codecs? If the former, then we either need to support Matroska over Ogg, or we need to encourage Xiph to accomodate Dirac in addition to Theora.

PS: Correcting myself ... it would appear as though Xiph has indeed taken on board the task to get Ogg to accomodate the Dirac codec.

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