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Gnome Seems that both Motorola and Google have interest in seeing the Linux mobile footprint evolve. With a combined contribution of $20,000, they are focusing on major changes for GNOME 3. "It will be more than a tweak," Stormy Peters stated. "It will be the whole user experience, from the look and feel, to how files are managed to how it syncs with your mobile phone -- really the whole package. It will be very much a change for users and how they use their computers."
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by Moochman on Wed 5th Nov 2008 23:21 UTC
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I hope by then KDE is halfway polished. Don't get me wrong, I've got high hopes for it, but I am starting to wonder when exactly we are to expect the "user-ready" version to arrive.

It wouldn't be such an issue if it weren't for the fact that the current distros are all pushing it as if it is ready. Kubuntu 8.10 for instance has made the KDE 4 spin the official long-term supported version....

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