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Gnome Seems that both Motorola and Google have interest in seeing the Linux mobile footprint evolve. With a combined contribution of $20,000, they are focusing on major changes for GNOME 3. "It will be more than a tweak," Stormy Peters stated. "It will be the whole user experience, from the look and feel, to how files are managed to how it syncs with your mobile phone -- really the whole package. It will be very much a change for users and how they use their computers."
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Where's is it all going?
by porcel on Thu 6th Nov 2008 15:53 UTC
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I assume that Nokia's purchase of Trolltech, the company behind Qt, is pushing Motorola to become more interested in having a say in one of the free software toolkits.

But 20,000 is peanuts and will not get you very far. What would be truly revolutionary and ground shaking would be for Gnome3 to start from scratch reusing much of the power already built into Qt. Yes, different languages and a painful transition, but we would really stand a great chance of accomplishing a common desktop experience if we started building on shared technology.

How likely is this to happen? Not very likely at all, but one can dream.

By the way, seeing the experimental route that KDE followed with KDE4, I would not mind Gnome not leaping into the "let's rewrite it all again" mindset and keeping the cumulative improvements that they have been delivering. I think there is lots of room for improving the existing desktop without a rewrite.

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