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ReactOS The ReactOS team has released version 0.3.7 of its Windows NT compatible operating system. This release along with the rest of the 0.3.x series is still considered alpha quality software. ReactOS 0.3.7 continues further work on the main three principles of current ReactOS development: bugfixes, compatibility and stability.
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RE[3]: I don't get it
by Rugxulo on Thu 6th Nov 2008 22:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I don't get it"
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I have to wonder why, rather than putting their design time into FOSS programs that really could use it, they're replicating something that already exists? They're not trying to improve Windows, they're trying to duplicate it at least in the ABI and API respects.
At least Wine made sense to me. I don't get the point in duplicating something that's already there.

For instance, there are plenty of DOSes (MS-DOS, DR-DOS, PC-DOS, PTS-DOS, ROM-DOS, RxDOS, FreeDOS) as well as DOSBox or DOSEMU or QEMU or BOCHS or any (IA32) Windows. They all had different developers, licenses, costs, requirements, and some are no longer supported.

DOSBox, in particular, needs no real DOS but is (at best) a slow 486 and targeted only at games (and needs a host OS and lots of libs). FreeDOS was created to duplicate native DOS with minimal requirements and also improve upon it, mostly to have a free/libre version since others weren't (its kernel + BASE are GPLv2). DOSEMU is meant to run at near native speed under Linux (typically w/ FreeDOS) although isn't as good for multimedia as DOSBox (in my limited experience). Oh, and native DOS has limited support for AC97 while something like DOSBox just uses native OS drivers for that, etc.

Don't worry, WINE and ReactOS have their reasons, and they wisely pool their resources, so either way should hopefully be a viable solution in the future. Some people prefer the Windows way of doing things over Linux. (Honestly, DOS itself is hard to 100% duplicate, so I'm not surprised it takes so long for cloning Windows.)

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