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Despite warnings to businesses about the dangers of skipping Windows Vista, many IT managers and CIOs are standing firm that the risks of migrating to Vista outweigh the benefits.
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RE[4]: Good to see this!
by MysterMask on Fri 7th Nov 2008 00:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Good to see this! "
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If there is a good business case, to upgrade or change to something else, then I would do it. But there isn't.

Waiting till circumstances forces you to change to something else doesn't sound like good risk management (and hence IT management). Looking for alternatives to the current environment doesn't mean that you have to perturb users. And lowering vendor dependencies to gain flexibility during times when you are not immediately forced to take actions isn't bad either.

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RE[5]: Good to see this!
by BluenoseJake on Fri 7th Nov 2008 16:17 in reply to "RE[4]: Good to see this! "
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I didn't say I was waiting to be forced, I said I was waiting for a good business case.

For example, I have 12 users that have Vista on their laptops, it's there because they are recruiters, and these laptops are the same as the ones students can buy in the campus computer store, so the case can be made for them.

There is a difference between being forced and being prudent. I like Vista, it's on my laptop at home, but I'm not disrupting my users without a good reason.

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