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Editorial Yesterday, a story made its rounds across the internet. It was picked up by many large news websites, and I'm sure it will be quoted by people until eternity. It was published by a large website, looked all fancy, it had multiple pages - it looked like it was really something. However, anyone with even the remotest bit of knowledge knows that the article was a collection of complete and utter bogus.
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RE: Why all the hatred?
by abraxas on Mon 17th Nov 2008 15:15 UTC in reply to "Why all the hatred?"
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It seems like they can never win. They are either doing too much or not enough. Considering the kind of influence they have on peoples lives (through just Windows and Office products) I think they are not doing too bad at all.

One of the issues I have as a technical person is Microsoft's despicable business practices. This comes into play often in the tech world. Their influence is huge but they don't like to play nice, making everyone else's life miserable. They care little about interoperation so if you're aren't using one of their products because you won't or can't then a lot of the time you're just stuck. Also Microsoft didn't create programs like Excel, they bought them.

The other issue is purely technical. Windows has historically suffered from disasterous security. While things have improved somewhat the issue is far from solved. Their motive is purely profit, which is understandable in the business world but that means that technical aspects are less important. This is readily evident in Vista. They marketing a ton of features before it was released, then quitely dropped many of them and released a half-baked OS.

You are correct that most users only care about checking their email and using the internet but most don't realize that life could be easier and they could do even more with their computer if they didn't have to struggle with the inadequacies of Vista. The antivirus and antispyware situation alone is a disaster.

I have always thought, in any case, Vista was a great product and expected that there had to be teething problems initially as they wrote the code completely anew (I hope I am right) from the bottom up.

I hate to break it to you but Vista is not a complete rewrite. The code goes back to 1994 with the release of NT. NT evolved into 2000 which evolved into XP which evolved into Vista. There have been a ton of improvements along the way but a lot of sludge has accumulated in the past 14 years.

While there is some unabashed zeolotry about operating systems, not all of us who dislike Microsoft and choose alternatives do it because of religion. Personally I hope Windows 7 is an improvement because even though I try to avoid Microsoft's products I still have to deal with them on a daily basis so I would rather that experience be a pleasant one.

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