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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Thanks to the Mandriva Xfce volunteer development team, a community Xfce One edition of Mandriva Linux 2009 is now available for download from all official Mandriva mirrors. A list of download locations can be found on the Wiki page. This release gives you all the benefits of Mandriva Linux 2009 along with a fast and stable Xfce desktop.
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RE[7]: another distro!
by AdamW on Tue 18th Nov 2008 17:24 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: another distro!"
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"Ubuntu is more than just debian testing with open office, have you used th new network manager? THAT is (was) a new, unique feature."

Not...really. This is Ubuntu's list of new features in NetworkManager in 8.10:

* system wide settings (i.e., no need to log in in order to get a connection)
* management of 3G connections (GSM/CDMA)
* management of multiple active devices at once
* management of PPP and PPPOE connections
* management of devices with static IP configurations
* route management for devices

Mandriva's drakconnect and net_applet have supported all of those features, for years (except route management).

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RE[8]: another distro!
by Adurbe on Tue 18th Nov 2008 17:30 in reply to "RE[7]: another distro!"
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I was refering to it being new and unique compared to debian

But if what you say is true regarding 3G support 'for years' they should have publicised this FAR more, as I for one was unaware of it

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RE[9]: another distro!
by AdamW on Wed 19th Nov 2008 00:38 in reply to "RE[8]: another distro!"
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We publicised it back when it got added - in 2004 or 2005, somewhere around there - but we kinda figured people would expect it to be around after that, and be surprised if it wasn't. Ah, well.

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