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Window Managers The new 0.4 version of Etoile had just been released. Etoile intends to be an innovative, GNUstep-based, user environment built from the ground up on highly modular and light components. It is created with project and document orientation in mind, in order to allow users to create their own workflow by reshaping or recombining provided Services (aka Applications) and Components. 0.4 is a developer-targeted release on its way towards this goal. As a developer-focussed release, this predominantly consists of frameworks. A few demonstration applications are also included.
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Comment by Darkmage
by Darkmage on Wed 19th Nov 2008 00:50 UTC
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Etoile is an awesome project. I don't think it really matters what happens as long as they are able to get a few more applications written. At this point there's an almost functional desktop in there. I would like to see an improved finder more along the lines of nautilus/Finder for mac. A completed Vespucci and Melodie would round out most of the desktop for me. I mainly use the web/chat/irc/mail/music. is ready, TalkSoup is ready. Babbler/Gmplayer ports are progressing. The rest is coming along well. I'll be interested in the 4.1 user release. It's shaping up to be a very mac-alike desktop without the expensive price tag. I just checkout the code and build it myself. I've found binary distros are crap at keeping up with package versions. Unfortunately both gentoo and Sabayon appear to suffer from the same rot.

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RE: Comment by Darkmage
by Hypnos on Wed 19th Nov 2008 06:06 in reply to "Comment by Darkmage"
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This project is currently a moving target, so it is available through the GNUstep overlay of Gentoo, not in the main tree. When the project matures this will change.

You'll find that the GNUstep packages in the main tree are fairly up-to-date.

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RE[2]: Comment by Darkmage
by Darkmage on Wed 19th Nov 2008 07:11 in reply to "RE: Comment by Darkmage"
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one more thing. Do you guys dointerface usability testing? I mean stuff like how responsive the UI is? I've noticed when I try to highlight text gnustep programs will often sieze up for a few seconds. It gets really annoying and it's one of those bugs that makes using programs like Gorm horrible. If you guys want bug reports I'm happy to provide them as well but there's no debug output. If you can guide me to where I can report usability issues I'll make a few reports for you.

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