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Novell and Ximian Two years ago, Microsoft and Novell inked a landmark deal on patents and Linux-to-Windows interoperability. According to Microsoft and Novell, it's a deal that has shown dramatic momentum in its second year, with a triple digit percentage increase in customers for a total tally of more than 200 customers. "I was surprised at the number of over 200 customers, so I actually went back and double checked it just to make sure," Susan Heystee, General Manager for Global Strategic Alliances at Novell told "That represents over 250 percent growth in terms of the number of customers that are part of the partnership which is really great. A real positive surprise has been the great customer momentum."
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Let's look at what has happened recently: The Firefox browser and ODF standards have pretty much firmly planted themselves in the information technology landscape. Microsoft has had to acknowlwedge them (See other articles regarding MonkeyBoy Ballmer's assertions regarding Firrefox and the Microsoft stand on supporting ODF in their next version of Office despite their bribing of the ISO). They are hedging their decline with, oh wow, Linux. Novell is hedging their decline with Microsoft which kind of makes sense considering where Novell originally positioned itself. Microsoft is in a decline but they are not going away; they have had to honestly cope with *gasp* open standards (I think a ubitquitous and trite Ghandi quote is appropriate here regarding ignoring/ridiculing/fighting and winning).

I personally think it is more important to have open standards and freedom to use data (esp multimedia) as we see fit rather than evangelicize what OS people should use. Even Linus Torvalds has asserted on multiple occasions that the OS should be invisible and I agree with him.

Given this, a more true threat to our freedom of data and standards would be Steve Jobs and Co rather than Microsoft. Building DRM into their closed hardware and exerting antitrust-grade control over their development platforms. People who want to whine about Microsoft, they should look about them and realize the world has moved on...if they want to rail against loss of freedoms et cetera, they should knock off using iAnything and focus their ire at Apple.

And before you call me a fanboy and dismiss my credibility, I just want to say I have used and like OSX; I just refuse to go to that platform because of my beliefs in true freedom of information and desire to keep my money from them. I have no love for the Microsoft OS or corporation and am solely a linux user for over 7 years. (I use openSuse on my home box and Kubuntu on my box at work). I use my Nokia N800 as my MP3 player as well as my netbook when I am walking the floors monitoring patients and calculating doses with programs I wrote for myself using databases I set up myself all of which run on my tablet. That is freedom. That is really the prize we should be striving for, not hatred of a company that is no longer able to live in its isolated bubble of desired world domination.

Just my two pfennigs

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