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Novell and Ximian Two years ago, Microsoft and Novell inked a landmark deal on patents and Linux-to-Windows interoperability. According to Microsoft and Novell, it's a deal that has shown dramatic momentum in its second year, with a triple digit percentage increase in customers for a total tally of more than 200 customers. "I was surprised at the number of over 200 customers, so I actually went back and double checked it just to make sure," Susan Heystee, General Manager for Global Strategic Alliances at Novell told "That represents over 250 percent growth in terms of the number of customers that are part of the partnership which is really great. A real positive surprise has been the great customer momentum."
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RE[7]: Good for them.
by DrillSgt on Fri 21st Nov 2008 03:54 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Good for them."
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"I will start to worry when Microsoft start to try to charge people for running code that Microsoft didn't actually write ...

... oh wait."

I don't know what they wrote of anything. Thanks for the first link, very educational. As with every software/hardware company they buy other companies, and sell the product as their own. Is the way of the business world, and if I were to dig I can guarantee I would find Sun and IBM having done the same thing. I don't have the energy to do that currently ;)

As for the second link, OEM licenses purchased with a computer system need to stay with the system. That does not mean however that is the OS that must be on them, and the license is paid for with the system, and has never had to be paid again. I really have no idea what that version 3.0 educational license had written in it, I do however know that is not the case any longer, and the license agreement no longer calls for that.

No, I am not defending Microsoft, Linux, *BSD, etc. I use them all, and they all have a place.

I guess my main point is that IBM, Sun, and even Microsoft, are heading to do everything with standards. Whether it came about due to legal issues or not, I don't care. I do just care that it is happening.

I do respect your thoughts on it all. Last reply in this thread though as I have taken it OT, so really should be modded down.

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RE[8]: Good for them.
by lemur2 on Fri 21st Nov 2008 04:31 in reply to "RE[7]: Good for them."
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I don't know what they wrote of anything.

I think I know what you tired to say here ... but I may have misinterpreted.

My take ... Microsoft have "invented" precious little since they started. Their original OS was MSDOS, which was a sort of dumbed down CPM they bought from another company. Microsoft's own contribution has gone steadily downhill from there ... which is quite remarkable considering that they didn't start any distance up the hill to begin with.

There is ONE area where Microsoft have been absolutely innovative ... and that is in coming up with anti-competitive business practices. They have either bought out or otherwise eliminated with dirty tricks just about everyone directly competing against them in the commercial desktop market.

Now they have finally come across a competitior they cannot buy out or force out of business. So Microsoft's apparent strategy now ... which I have to admit is pure genius ... seems to be to arrange it so that everyone has to pay Microsoft a fee for running code that Microsoft's competitor actually writes.

You have to admit, there is a certain breathtakingly cruel beauty in a strategy as evil as that ...

They will end up redefining and infinitely exapnding the entire concepts of greed and chutzpah if they succeed here.

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