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Windows Every now and then, an article pops up which argues that it would make sense for Microsoft to offer a free, ad-powered version of Windows. "We are all aware that Google is the king of online advertising. Microsoft has wanted to compete in that space forever, which is why giving away Windows 7 makes so much sense," Business Pundit argues, "Let's look at the numbers; Microsoft's operating systems are on 90% of the world's computers, or roughly one billion machines. That's penetration on a massive scale. Even Google has to be impressed." While these articles make some valid points, they rarely dive into the actual details.
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All this time, one edge of widescreen displays has been horribly underutilized by so many Windows users, since there's a human ergonomics issue with having too wide of text displays for readability. Simple solution: make sure that people still have the old aspect ratio of 4:3 for screen real estate for regular applications, and they'll be none the wiser, all while having ads placed on the remaining "extra" width that people weren't using before!

Sure. Microsoft puts ads on the side of the widescreens, and competitors give away free and open applications (which will run on Windows, Mac or Linux) that make far better use of the widescreen aspect ratio.

As you say ... perhaps not the greatest idea ever.

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