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Windows Every now and then, an article pops up which argues that it would make sense for Microsoft to offer a free, ad-powered version of Windows. "We are all aware that Google is the king of online advertising. Microsoft has wanted to compete in that space forever, which is why giving away Windows 7 makes so much sense," Business Pundit argues, "Let's look at the numbers; Microsoft's operating systems are on 90% of the world's computers, or roughly one billion machines. That's penetration on a massive scale. Even Google has to be impressed." While these articles make some valid points, they rarely dive into the actual details.
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Why bother
by REM2000 on Fri 21st Nov 2008 12:23 UTC
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As other posters have said Microsoft do quite well with the resale of Windows and Office. I don't think i like the idea of an OS that is tied in with an advertising stream. Applications are one thing but to have the whole OS is another, as the OS has to be universal and a solid foundation for your computer experience.

If Microsoft wants to improve their ad revenue then they are going to have to continue with traditional means.

I do think however Microsoft should make Windows 7 a lot cheaper at retail. I do think that a good solid premium release should be around the £100 mark. Although i do believe that windows client should be sold in two versions (in a uptopia one version a la Win2k) Home and Business (drop the Pro mokia) As it's been shown in sales really only home premium and business were purchased.

The only thing i would recommend that Microsoft do with the release of Windows 7 is to put togeather a solid release marketing / party blitz. I would recommend at taking shots at other OS's (even though they do the same) and just concentrate on telling consumers and businesses a like, all of the great features and reasons for upgrading.

Make it exciting, get some clever number 7 branding and slogan and most importantly don't forget the enthuiasts , if you get them excited then the buzz spread's pretty quickly.

The launch of Vista was pretty poor and flopped around like the product itself at launch.

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