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Legal "Federal district judge Dale A. Kimball has handed down the final judgment in the SCO case. The decision dismisses SCO's latest claims, grants declaratory relief to Novell, and sustains the court's previous judgment that SCO owes Novell over $2.54 million (plus interest) for unjust enrichment."
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RE[5]: serves them right
by WereCatf on Tue 25th Nov 2008 08:44 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: serves them right"
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You're just trying to make every single person working for SCO as an evil-doer and a generally dislikeable person. I doubt that's anywhere near the truth, no matter how you try to make it look like it.

First of all, not everyone there might have been able to find another job, perhaps due to too big of a distance between their home and the new working place, perhaps due to not getting paid similarly well, or perhaps they just thought things will turn out one way or another. Then there's of course people who don't even have anything to do with computers: secretaries, cleaning staff (unless hired outside), general maintenance...Those people just want to hang on to any job they can find, they most likely don't know much if anything about Linux at all. And you want to blame them, too?

No, try to work out your issues and not blame all the wrongdoings on the wrong people.

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RE[6]: serves them right
by darknexus on Tue 25th Nov 2008 09:07 in reply to "RE[5]: serves them right"
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Guys, Lemur is a foss, and particularly a Linux troll. I think its time to starve him, not feed him. There ya go, Lemur, your last bite. Savor it.

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RE[7]: serves them right
by lemur2 on Tue 25th Nov 2008 09:25 in reply to "RE[6]: serves them right"
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Guys, Lemur is a foss, and particularly a Linux troll. I think its time to starve him, not feed him. There ya go, Lemur, your last bite. Savor it.

Excuse me?

SCOG sued IBM in the (admittedly deluded) hopes of extorting 5 billion dollars, and trashing the honest work of a million + contributors to the common good across the globe. They were simply fools for failing to realise how many people were willing to devote how much time and effort trying to stop them. Look at the collected input into a site like Groklaw, and estimate how many person-hours have gone into writing all that material over the years, and you may get some idea.

I get ... what exactly? ... from pointing out on OSNews exactly why this corporate greed behavior is so utterly unacceptable. Hopefully I get people to re-examine exactly why they are such lemmings for continuously letting corporations walk all over them.

You get ... what exactly? ... from questioning my motive ... apart from a possible further unjustified smear on the efforts towards software liberation?

You call troll ... I call astroturfer in return ... I'll leave it up to the reader to examine possible motivations for each position and who stands to make any money by ripping people off out of either position.

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