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Mono Project Build applications for Linux while maintaining cross-platform capabilities using .NET languages.
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Ha! Miguel, in the middle of this storm of debate, squeeks out an off topic correction to a point in the article that no one cares about anyway!

Miguel! I think your silence is making it pretty clear that you have no ability to refute people's concerns over MS right to charge a RAND fee or require licensing, both of which would absoultely murder gnome if mono were widely adopted!

It is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone that you are full of crap. Why don't you either quell these objections by responding or *do the right thing* and shoot mono in the head and jump over to java?

Had you and Ximian/Novel spent all this effort on Java it would be 90% as useful (I agree .net is better) and all of gnome would be jumping in with both feet! How good is your technology if it stinks like rotting meat to the entire gnome community? Your legacy as the gnome founder is being severly tarnished by this mono debacle and if people's concerns prove to be founded (if MS goes after us) you will die in imfamy for the damage you did.

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