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Fedora Core Fedora 10 is now available, sporting a new graphical boot-up sequence, 3, many improvements to sound support via PulseAudio, and other updates. See the release notes here, and Linux Format has a detailed look at F10's features and changes.
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Love stable releases like this one
by zaine_ridling on Wed 26th Nov 2008 07:46 UTC
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With a stable release like this one in Fedora 10, it's a relief and time-saver. A guy like me who has a relatively new system can set it up for the next 12-18 months and not touch it.

I was surprised it loaded my ATI 4870 drivers. Holy crap. And the KDE version is also stabilized. None of the twitchiness that kubuntu 8.10 still has.

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Bending Unit Member since:

How do you know it's stable when it's only been out for about a day?

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John Blink Member since:

How do you know it's stable when it's only been out for about a day?

My personal experience is every past fedora release starting with FC1, I always had a complaint about something.

This release so far no complaints. (BTW not calling it perfect)

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fithisux Member since:

My friends are impressed by speed polish and .... advanced features. Even Windows/OSX-friends were impressed. Though no 3D I use a VolariV3XT which is not supported by XGI under Linux. The XORG driver is marvelous.

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