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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Before 2007, using the internet on your phone would make you want to kill yourself, if you were dumb enough to believe the crap splattered across that tiny screen even was the "internet." But the combination of increased bandwidth and better mobile software means that more phones really are promising to deliver the real internet, in living color. We tested eight different browsers, and while some put smiles on our faces, others proved that rendering HTML correctly is a far cry from actually giving you an awesome web experience. And what about 3G vs. Wi-Fi? Everything the carriers have told you is a lie. This is the true state of mobile web."
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No Sony Ericsson?
by Macrat on Thu 27th Nov 2008 22:23 UTC
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What about a Sony Ericsson P990 or P1?

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RE: No Sony Ericsson?
by irbis on Sun 30th Nov 2008 21:20 in reply to "No Sony Ericsson?"
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What about a Sony Ericsson P990 or P1?

Yep, or Nokia E90 Communicator, or some other phones that do web especially well? Where are they from the review? You know, the choice of phone models in this comparative review may even seem intentional in order to make iPhone look superior as a web phone??

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