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Linux Even though there are a lot of happy people using Apple's iPhone very happily, there's also a group of people who are not so happy, most likely because of Apple's rather strict policies regarding applications and developers. While most of these people would just jailbreak the thing, some take it a step further - by installing another operating system. Yes, Linux now runs on the iPhone (1st gen/2nd gen, and the 1st gen iPod Touch).
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RE[2]: Wha?
by cyclops on Sun 30th Nov 2008 02:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Wha?"
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Ah, I detect sarcasm ;) .
There's any number of things I'd love to say on this topic. But, knowing everyone here, I'm going to get flamed if I dare to blaspheme... oh, what the heck I'll say it anyway.
Why? While people in the Linux community are porting it from device to device to device... and yet to more devices, major issues remain unsolved. No stable API. No stable ABI. No standardization across distributions--and please, don't give me that "LSB will solve everything" baloney. No standard way of installing packages--we have how many different package managers and repositories now, with their own little quirks and dependencies? I guess that's the great thing about Linux, everyone can just blame everyone else since "that's not what we're working with." The kernel folks can blame the driver manufacturers while ignoring the real problem--if you had a stable API and ABI whether the driver is proprietary or open source wouldn't matter worth a damn. The driver would work. Come on guys, Solaris has gotten this right for years now. I can take a driver for Solaris 10 and install it, in binary form without access to the source code, on any of the builds of Opensolaris (what will become Solaris 11) and guess what, the driver works. The desktop developers can point the finger at any number of stacks under them in the chain, saying it's not their problem, meanwhile everyone underneath them is pointing right back, saying they have to fix it on their ends since it works fine and they're just not using the correct functions. And then meanwhile we have people porting Linux to their freaking toasters, and who knows what else.
I guess my point is, why is it being ported to the iPhone when these major issues remain completely unacknowledged? You guys want Linux to be the operating system of choice, and I respect that. I wouldn't necessarily object to this happening either. But please, stop worrying about every little device and get some of the baseline together. Then get Linux ported on to every bloody device on the market, if you want. You'll be in a much better position to do it, that's for sure, and you might actually achieve your goal of everything just working out of the box.
I don't expect anyone in the Linux community to listen... but it felt really, really good to say that!

1) Seriously that is difficult to read without it being put into paragraphs

2) This is a flame...a fun flame but nonetheless a flame

I suspect you are being deliberately naive about what the "Linux Community is" your on OSNEWS for gods sake they even hate each other, and there are articles upon articles about this, but generally the answer is fulfill their needs not yours, or MONEY, and this has a filer down effect to the rest of us.

Stable API...seriously I don't care I've never met a user who does, but if your talking about Linux standards you understand the PROs and CONs, pick a side, I'm personally quite happy with evolution picking standards especially when evolution brings me a better product.

Personally I would love a device that is supported under linux as an MP3 player. I've been hungry for one for sometime I was gearing up for an Openmoko but untill the GPS is fixed I'll pass. Something running rockbox would be ideal, but much like this project it will lag behind the proper release.

Now I can say why I want Linux on an Portable Media Player/Mobile Phone if you don't then you should look seriously at one of the major advantages of the platform, That is evolution if you want the latest greatest version you do so at the click of a button. You are not tied to the hardware. Look at Vista users on there 2 year old RTM OS and have to buy a machine to get it...only a real idiot would get a retail copy of 64bit Ultimate, or those who continually upgrade their ipods. Rather than buying an item for the properties in the hardware.

The bottom line is my Linux experience continues to improve dramatically while Vista users have to wait years, and then experience massive regressions.

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