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Linux Even though there are a lot of happy people using Apple's iPhone very happily, there's also a group of people who are not so happy, most likely because of Apple's rather strict policies regarding applications and developers. While most of these people would just jailbreak the thing, some take it a step further - by installing another operating system. Yes, Linux now runs on the iPhone (1st gen/2nd gen, and the 1st gen iPod Touch).
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RE[2]: Wha?
by StephenBeDoper on Sun 30th Nov 2008 02:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Wha?"
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I guess my point is, why is it being ported to the iPhone when these major issues remain completely unacknowledged?

What's the connection - why are those things mutually-exclusive? It's not as if there's some sort of central Linux authority that has said "you developers must work on an iPhone port of Linux, instead of standardizing package management or creating a stable driver API/ABI."

Developers are also not interchangeable. You can't just assume that a developer working on Linux on the iPhone would have the necessary abilities/specialty to fix the problems that you described.

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