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Windows Two weeks ago, I published an article in which I explained what was wrong about Randall Kennedy's "Windows 7 Unmasked" article. This was noted by Infoworld's editor-in-chief Eric Knorr, who suggested that Randall and I enter into an email debate regarding the various points made in our articles. We agreed upon publishing this email thread as-is, unedited (I didn't even fix the spelling errors), on both Infoworld and OSNews. We agreed that Randall would start the debate, and that I had the final word. Read on for the entertaining email debate (I figured it would be best to give each email its own page, for clarity's sake. My apologies if this makes each individual page much shorter than what you're used to from OSNews).
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Comment by Nycran
by Nycran on Tue 2nd Dec 2008 12:25 UTC
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20 minutes of my life I can never get back.. but hey, it was entertaining.

I tend to agree that thread count (based on historical precendent) is a decent metric of, at the very least, how "heavy" an OS is, and if Windows 7 has the same thread count as Vista then I have very little hope for a clean, responsive OS coming from Redmond.

Offtopic: Thom, putting Vista on a netbook is crazy talk. Vista is too complex and brings no significant benefits. I just installed Windows 2000 on my eeepc and it's running like a well oiled machine. It makes me happy. I still maintain that windows 2000 represents Microsoft's finest hour, and that if they really wanted to capture that market, they should make a prettier skin for windows 2000, bring the driver base up-to-date with contemporary netbook hardware, re-open support for security patches, and call it Windows Netbook edition. Now THAT would sell!

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RE: Comment by Nycran
by suryad on Tue 2nd Dec 2008 19:09 in reply to "Comment by Nycran"
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I disagree. XP x64 is the best. Then is Windows 2000.

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RE: Comment by Nycran
by helf on Wed 3rd Dec 2008 05:00 in reply to "Comment by Nycran"
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Damn, if thread count is a decent way of judging how 'heavy' an OS is, then BeOS must look like a bloated whale. Ever looked at how many system threads are running on that mofo? It puts windows to SHAME.

(not really, but it just goes to show thread counts don't really help show how heavy an OS is, imo.)

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