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Window Managers "Mainstream Linux distributions typically default to one of two desktop environments, KDE or GNOME. Both of these environments provide users with an intuitive and attractive desktop, as well as offering a large raft of multimedia software, games, administration programs, network tools, educational applications, utilities, artwork, web development tools and more. However, these two desktops focus more on providing users with a modern computing environment with all the bells and whistles featured in Windows Vista, rather than minimising the amount of system resources they need. For users and developers who want to run an attractive Linux desktop on older hardware, netbooks, or mobile internet devices, neither KDE or GNOME may be a viable option, as they run too slowly on low spec machines (such as less than 256MB RAM and a 1 GHz processor). This article seeks to identify the best lean desktops for Linux, for users that have old or even ancient hardware."
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RE: Dissatisfied with KDE & GNOME
by h3rman on Tue 2nd Dec 2008 15:11 UTC in reply to "Dissatisfied with KDE & GNOME"
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This redraw glitch and Nautilus are one of the greatest GNOME shortcommings. Take that away and Ubuntu will be a real alternative to Windows.

Do you really believe that?

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Do you really believe that?

Such are the pitfalls of hanging out in nooks like ours here at OSNews. Surrounded by others holding the same strong opinions on the same niche topics, in a community mostly disconnected from mainstream concerns, we can actually start seriously believing stuff like that. I'm thankful for the splash of cold water that I get each day from administering my XDMCP servers and supporting real business desktop users. We run Gnome on X terminals over 100 mbit lans. And none of my users have, at any time, said anything about screen updates being slow or that they don't like the file manager. They call me when they run into an actual problem that impedes their work flow, like a site's javascript not working with Firefox. Meanwhile, on OSNews, supposedly tech-savvy people complain that their work flow and creativity are impeded because:

- GTK+ redraws are allegedly sometimes perceptible

- X is network transparent

- Desktop Q isn't configurable enough and they can't use the keystrokes they learned in Word Star.

- Compiz doesn't work with their video chipset

- There aren't enough selections in the menus

- There are too many selections in the menus

- Their fonts aren't antialiased quite right

- Their power supply makes too much noise

- Someone put something in their Fitt's area

The list goes on. I'm thankful that my users are real people. I'd go nuts if they were OSNews readers. ;-)

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Ha, I enjoyed that post.
Indeed, some of the Kings and Queens of geekiness seem to care about obscurities that baffle most humans. Lizards from the planet Qxrflypqix, go out, meet (human) girls, it does beat installing the latest MPlayer skin. :-)

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OSNews would be less annoying if there were more thoughtful, incisive posts like yours.

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