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Window Managers "Mainstream Linux distributions typically default to one of two desktop environments, KDE or GNOME. Both of these environments provide users with an intuitive and attractive desktop, as well as offering a large raft of multimedia software, games, administration programs, network tools, educational applications, utilities, artwork, web development tools and more. However, these two desktops focus more on providing users with a modern computing environment with all the bells and whistles featured in Windows Vista, rather than minimising the amount of system resources they need. For users and developers who want to run an attractive Linux desktop on older hardware, netbooks, or mobile internet devices, neither KDE or GNOME may be a viable option, as they run too slowly on low spec machines (such as less than 256MB RAM and a 1 GHz processor). This article seeks to identify the best lean desktops for Linux, for users that have old or even ancient hardware."
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Source for this please, besides your own personal anti-proprietary agenda?

This person goes over the top in saying to avoid nvidia cards entirely:
It is not the nvidia cards per se, the problem is limited to the nvidia binary driver for Linux.

The only graphics cards I know of to be horrid on Linux is ATI.

You are sadly out of date. ATI have stolen a march over nvidia for Linux, and even Intel graphics easily out-perform many nvidia cards on linux for 2D rendering, if the nvidia card in question is affected by the long-standing xrender bug.

I'd suggest that the many reports one reads around the net that Firefox (for example) is much faster on Windows than it is on Linux on the same hardware are in fact due to the nvidia binary driver xrender bug on linux.

Please note that the situation is improving ... there are many reports now of the bug having been fixed ... and so there is a chance that early next year, when distributions ship with KDE 4.2 and a fixed nvidia driver, you can then have an eye-popping experience with a linux desktop.

This person seems to think it is deliberate by nvidia:
but I personally doubt that.

If you have lived with this xrender bug before now (and perhaps shunned KDE 4 because of it), and then you try it when these issues have (hopefully, finally) been addressed (perhaps early next year), I'm sure you will be amazed at the difference.

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