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Legal The legal back-and-forth between Apple and clone-maker PsyStar continues to develop, with the latest news being a move by Apple - the Cupertino company has invoked something with many already predicted Apple would call upon: the DMCA, or the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. This was done in an amendment to the original suit, filed in July this year.
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[quote]No that's not it! Not even close! Psystar aren't selling modded Macs. They are selling illegal clones (fake Macs).[/quote]

That's a load of horse crap. They are selling regular PCs that have hardware that is picked to work with Mac OS X along with a legally purchased copy of it.

Sadly, not only Apple wants them to go away, but I bet Microsoft would love to see them go away as well.

Come on, when Steve Jobs thought it through to port the Mac OS to x86 hardware, he should have known that this very thing would eventually happen.

The 'Clone' was what really made Windows successful in the first place. Remember the days when they weren't called 'PC' but called "IBM PC Compatible'? If IBM hadn't allowed the cloning of it's x86 hardware back then, we'd have a lot more choices in our platform than we do now. Whether that would be a good thing or bad thing, is debatable. I think it would be a good thing (competition feeds innovation and all that jazz.)

I say bring on the clones!

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Remember what happened to the IBM PC, it was killed by its own clones.

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No IBM clones happened because Compaq legally reverse engineered the BIOS. So clones became totally IBM compatible. .

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I still see no problem to that... they were overpriced and underpowered compared to the clones.... oh wait, isn't that the same thing as Apple? Where is IBM now? Oh wait, they're still around and still doing major things in the industry.

The consumers were the ones who benefited from the IBM clones. We are the ones who will benefit from Apple Clones as well. Especially since they're all on the same hardware now.

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Yeah that worked great for IBM, since it practically killed them off. Besides, they did not "allow the clones" at all, they had no choice, because of the way the BIOS was "copied".

And if you recall, Apple did allow clones back in the late 90's and we know how great that worked.

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And if you recall, Apple did allow clones back in the late 90's and we know how great that worked.

The Mac clones worked ~very~ well, IMO. At least until Apple locked them out. Perhaps the clones worked too well to suit Apple?

I happen to own a "Power Computing" Apple clone from the 1990s, and it's a great machine.

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actually from what I recall IBM was against the clones, what the clone makers did was reverse-engineer the hardware and that's what made it legal.

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