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Editorial Songbird is a new open-source music player that has this week landed at 1.0. Songbird is described as a "web player"- a music player for this modern, connected era. It blends the web-rendering core of Firefox (Gecko), with the media capabilities of GStreamer- a cross-platform, open-source media playback engine.
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never really got it
by FunkyELF on Thu 4th Dec 2008 20:22 UTC
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I never really got iTunes at all or any really big media player. I used WinAMP on Windows for a long time. When they came out with WinAMP 3 I stopped, then when they came out with WinAMP 5 (2+3), I used it with the WinAMP 2 skin and turned all that media library stuff off.

On Linux I used to use XMMS, then once distro's started calling it insecure and stopped supporting it I switched over to Audacious. I dunno, something about a minimal player with play, pause, stop, next, previous, and a simple playlist editor with load and save support is all I could ever want.

Audacious is all I need with my keyboard / mouse and XBMC is all I need with my xbox controller at my TV. Same stuff, simple browser, start, stop, play, next, previous, and a loadable, savable, easy to use playlist editor.

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RE: never really got it
by StephenBeDoper on Thu 4th Dec 2008 21:13 in reply to "never really got it"
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I think it's largely a matter of taste / preference. FWIW, I'm in the same boat as you are - I'd much rather use small, best-of-breed applications that focus on a specific task. Most of my music is stored on a BeOS machine, using Tracker / BFS attributes for indexing/cataloguing, SoundPlay for playback, ArmyKnife for tagging, and the RipEnc script for ripping and encoding.

Although I can certainly see why someone would prefer an end-to-end solution that handles all of those tasks.

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RE[2]: never really got it
by Kroc on Thu 4th Dec 2008 21:49 in reply to "RE: never really got it"
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Using the FS xattrs for managing [natively] music (and photos) is the dream I've always wanted in an OS. I would greatly be interested in a detailed write-up / break-down of that system you've got there. That sort of thing I find fascinating.

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