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When did iTunes support FLAC?
by Denver Gingerich on Fri 5th Dec 2008 15:32 UTC
Denver Gingerich
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You mentioned that iTunes once supported FLAC: "Between users hurt by Apple removing FLAC from iTunes, and supporters of open formats like OGG" (p. 2). When did they start supporting it? When did they end FLAC support? Have they supported other royalty-free codecs in the past (like Vorbis)? Some URLs for reference would be helpful. I've been unable to find any concrete information on this myself.

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Kroc Member since:

I had an iPod 3G in 2003, and I'm sure that it supported FLAC. Suport was later removed from iTunes in favour of the Apple Lossless Codec (iTunes 4.5 / Qt 6.5)

It's basically so long ago, I can't find any mention of it. I wish I'd kept my original iPod box. Anybody else able to confirm or deny this?

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