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3D News, GL, DirectX Anand Lal Shimpi, founder of, had the opportunity to sit down with Carrell Killebrew, Eric Demers, Mike Schmit and Mark Leather, collectivley known as the designers behind the current crop of AMD graphics chips, and quiz them about how the RV770 graphics chip came about. In the article, Anand recounts the history that influenced the chip's design and the obstacles that were overcome from his two hours meeting with the design team.
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State of linux drivers
by mtilsted on Sat 6th Dec 2008 20:12 UTC
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With the danger of being a bit off-topic? Does anyone know the status(Performance/stability) of the (Open and/or Closed) source drivers for this chip? Having a chip this fast is no use, if I still have to use software only OpenGL due to driver issues.

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RE: State of linux drivers
by Flatland_Spider on Mon 8th Dec 2008 15:38 in reply to "State of linux drivers"
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I'm not quite sure really. The RV770 is supported in the RadeonHD driver and hardware rendering is being worked on.

Phoronix does a good job of keeping tabs on the state of Linux video drivers. On Aug. 27, 2008 they reported the first working code for hardware rendering had been produced, and none of their reviews have noted any instability from the drivers.

I've included some links to articles that might fill in some of your questions, and if not, the Phoronix forums would be a good place to ask around.

Open-Source 3D Success For Radeon RV770

Radeon HD4830 Review

ATI X.Org, Mesa Performance In Ubuntu

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