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General Development Version 6 of the popular Perl programming language will not be compatible with previous versions, but will open up a new world of custom "languages" and interpreters, according to its founder Larry Wall. Wall and his co-developers are doing with Perl 6 -- starting again. "It will break backward compatibility [but] in order to simplify it we have to get rid of old cruft, particularly the regular expression cruft," Wall said. "A lot of the unreadability of Perl is related to the regular expression syntax " and we didn't do that, we got it from Unix. It needs to be end-of-lifed."
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And Perl 6 is marching along nicely. There's plenty going on and it's phenomenal.

Yeah. I'm sure the latest nightlies are awesome.

Forgive my skepticism, but 8+ years of "Perl 6 is marching along nicely", with no end in sight, invites that. Something is very, very wrong with this project. I haven't paid close attention, but "poor project management" is usually a pretty good guess in these cases. Arguably, the most important skill a project manager can develop is the ability to say "No" at the right times.

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I'm sure the latest nightlies are awesome.




I haven't paid close attention

Clearly not.

It's sure easy to take potshots from the side without having to have any knowledge about what's going.

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It's sure easy to take potshots from the side without having to have any knowledge about what's going.

Sure. I believe you. The evidence clearly shows that everything is under control, going according to plan, and coming along nicely.

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They really only started the difficult implementation of parrot and the perl6 on haskell, and perl 6 on parrot, and perl 5 on parrot in 2005. So three years for a virtual machine, implementing two languages on the virtual machine, and another implementation of a language on top of a somewhat obscure language like Haskell in three years. Not that bad, if you ask me.

It was a long planning and design phase form 2000 to 2005, that most critics are including in the time estimate. The best explanation is that perl 6 was a community rewrite of perl 6. A community is, IMHO, always going to move slower with a design process, than a benevolent dictator.

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Yeah. I'm sure the latest nightlies are awesome.

The monthly releases have been pretty awesome. Look here for the list of changes in each monthly release for the past several years:

We really have been getting a lot done.

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