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Novell and Ximian It kind of slipped underneath our radar last Friday, but Novell has released its financial earnings figures for the fourth quarter. While the company still shows a loss of 16 million USD (compared to 18 million during the same quarter last year), individual divisions of the company are doing quite well, with only two of them showing losses. Total revenue was 243 million USD. Interestingly enough, the company's Linux business is doing very, very well.
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RE[2]: That doesn't surprise me.
by milles21 on Mon 8th Dec 2008 16:54 UTC in reply to "RE: That doesn't surprise me."
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I personally think that SLES has a great platform, I love Redhat as a company, as well as their commitment to quality. However I think that they are doing themselves an their customers an injustice when it comes to overall solutions.

I think that Novell has received a bad reputation for the deal with Microsoft. However their vision and offering is top-notch. If we compare offerings and overall complete vision Novell wins hands down.

The only reason they are not the preferred vendor IMHO is the ties to Microsoft and the community bashing.

If we look at solutions and honestly compare from a technology perspective.

SLES - Red Hat RHEL equal or better
Novell Identity manager - Red Hat does not compare
Open Enterprise Serevr - Red Hat does not compare
Groupwise - Red Hat does not compare
Zenworks - Red hat dos not compare
Edirectory - Red Hat Directory Server sub-par

Keep in mind I am talking Enterprise solutions, not clusters here and there, not application servers. I am taking integrated platforms EMAIL, Identity Management, platform management (Linux and Window)

I am asking people to compare based on the merit of the technology not emotions on their patent deal and give some real honest feed back, minus the slandering.

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I am asking people to compare based on the merit of the technology not emotions on their patent deal and give some real honest feed back, minus the slandering.

I'm not quite sure what you are disagreeing with. Are you saying that you think that the the CIOs of the companies which were Red Hat's and Novell's respective customers answered their questionaires, in the study I cited, based upon emotional reactions regarding the Novell-Microsoft deal rather then basing their answers on their actual experiences?

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SLES - Red Hat -> RHEL is better
Novell Identity manager - Red Hat Directory Server
Open Enterprise Serer - RHEL. OES is the dying Netware while replacing with SLES
Zenworks - Red Hat Network Satellite Server
Edirectory - Red Hat Directory Server

And whats about JBoss? KVM? RH CS? RH IPA? the whole JBoss Soulutions? RH AS? GFS? Cluster Suite?

Red Hat has many more than you know about.

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I respect your response and appreciate your response. I really am wanting an open dialog about what people actually think of Novell's offering in comparison to Redhat saying RHEL is better than SLES is really your opinion that is fine however there is not a way to accurately access which is better. That is why I said equal or better.

As for Identity Manager, Red Hat Director Server is no where near a competitor and is not even the same product class to compare it is more of a edirectory competitor.

Same thing with Red Hat Network Satellite Server, Zenworks manages so much more than Red Hat Network Satellite Server. We are talking enterprise wide management Windows , SUSE, Red Hat, Virtual Machine management. Red Hat Network Satellite Server is not the same class product

Also I still did not see your Groupwise competitor.

IPA, KVM, are both immature in my opinion and are not fully integrated so I don't think we can count them yet.

I will give JBoss, I think it is an excellent technology. GFS is absolutely amazing. Red hat seems to be an application management platform company, On that you run apps from other vendors on as oppose to one that provide integrated enterprise solutions IMHO.

Again I am not against Red Hat I have them in my environment and they are stable server.

However when it came to rolling out an enterprise for my customer, their complete solution offering fell short, in terms of systems management (Windows and Linux), user management , security management, and compliance.

Again I am looking for technology opinions. So mine is that enterprise solutions Novell has a better offering.

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And everything is free (as speech) in RHEL. Red Hat Directory Server is just Fedora Directory Server (FDS is the upstream version, RHDS is the customers version).
Red Hat is freeing Red Hat Network Satellite Server (Spacewalk).

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Hey, whatever works best for you.

One note though, OES is not the dying NetWare. OES is the Novell stack of apps and services which, while born on NetWare, will run on either the Linux or NetWare kernel. It's been more than three years since Novell ripped those core services away from being exclusive to NetWare. eDirectory and groupwise have been cross platform for longer than that.

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