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SCO, Caldera, Unixware SCO, recently best known for its Linux litigation rather than its Unix operating systems, announced that it was releasing an advanced networking platform to provide feature-rich consumer and business digital services for smart phones and other intelligent mobile devices.
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by on Tue 20th Sep 2005 13:01 UTC

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It's not a good idea to become a customer of a company that sues it's customers.

What type of morons do they expect to buy this or any other product they sell?

Advice to SCO: Break the company up. Abandon te SCO name and any variation of SCO. Change the name of the new divisions. Sell them. Move on.

Advice to employees of SCO over the last year: Don't mention SCO on your resume. I can tell you right now I will make damn certian that you are not hired in the company I work for if I find out you were supporting that company and didn't move on when it was obvious that they were up to no good (1+ years ago).

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