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Opera Software Opera 10 has been released as an alpha preview. It showcases a new rendering engine, Presto 2.2, which the company states will improve browsing performance over the previous version by 30 percent, and notably passes Acid3 standards compatibility with a 100 out of 100 score. This article runs it through some benchmarks, checks memory usage, and general browsing experience.
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I'm not sure if we're talking about the same feature here. Opera has it since 9 or 8.x or so, and the feature I have in mind is the following:

- right click on any search box on a website (e.g. on youtube, wikipedia, etc) and choose "create search"
- choose an abbreviation like "y" or "w" (can also be more than one char long)
- now you can type "y iced earth" inside the address bar, and he'll search for "iced earth" on youtube

Such user-definable searches have been in Opera earlier than in Firefox, I'm fairly sure. Before that, there were only some predefined searches (g for Google and so on), and I can't remember Firefox having those with an abbreviation (only with the extra search box). But of course I could also be wrong, I'm not saying I'm absolutely sure.

I don't know about Firefox, but you could do this with Konqueror since the early KDE 3 days. Not quite as easily (you have to use a dialog to create the shortcut), but Web Shortcuts are what you are talking about. And they aren't limited to search queries.

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Okay, I just looked it up and it is indeed the same feature. Don't know if it's been earlier in it though, but respect to those whoever invented it ;)
Here they say it has been in Opera since 2000, but you can't know exactly to which degree it has already been similar to what it is today.

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