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RISC OS And it seems as if another minor, barely-alive operating system will become encumbered by legal bickering between two small companies. The RISC OS scene, which is already a tangled and complicated mess of companies, version number teasing and incompatible versions, might be torn apart even further because RISCOS Ltd might take legal action trying to prevent RISC OS Open Ltd from releasing a RiscPC compatible ROM from the RISC OS 5 shared source project. Should you feel confused, you needn't worry: so does everyone else.
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Tabloid Journalism
by Col Cartmell-Browne on Thu 11th Dec 2008 11:24 UTC
Col Cartmell-Browne
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Don't believe everything you read!

Both parties have commented on Drobe's forum that there is no dispute.

From ROOL:
RISC OS Open and RISCOS Ltd are not waving their fists at each other. We've enjoyed open and clear communications from the outset and are continuing to talk. Finding the best way for all parties to co-operate for the good of RISC OS has always been one of our aims.

From ROL:
there is no problem, disagreement or conflict between RISCOS Ltd. and ROOL. RISCOS Ltd. are happy with what ROOL are doing and have made offers to them to ensure that their work can continue.

Whilst Drobe generally does a good job of being the most up to date source of information with regards RISC OS news it does like to lapse into sensationalist journalism every now and again- this seems to be one of those times.

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