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RISC OS And it seems as if another minor, barely-alive operating system will become encumbered by legal bickering between two small companies. The RISC OS scene, which is already a tangled and complicated mess of companies, version number teasing and incompatible versions, might be torn apart even further because RISCOS Ltd might take legal action trying to prevent RISC OS Open Ltd from releasing a RiscPC compatible ROM from the RISC OS 5 shared source project. Should you feel confused, you needn't worry: so does everyone else.
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So some have wondered what was so special about the OS.
Okay... it booted in 5 secs from ROM. :-)
I has OS filesystems. Not sure of the tech here but the essence is you can write an app and allow the imageFS in the OS to handle the image filetype in the app. EG the word processor that could read and write Word files came on a floppy and was 800k. Compare that to the major OS bloatware.

When I first used it in 1994, you could embed a graphic in a document and resize it, rotate it etc in real time. WOW.

But here is the best thing for me. The writable window/application (where the cursor is) does not have to be the active window/application (wher the mouse clicks are entered. BIG DEAL you may say.

Well lets assume ther is an application eg a word processor. it lacks some function or formatting. We you can use an external app (with that function) to write the output to your wordprocessor. EG !ZAP html, Richard Goodwins web design app etc etc etc. Indeed you could even use the Pluto !speak (speaks your email to you) module to talk other apps content to you.

Ohhh how I miss it.

Bob on Mandrive

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